Characteristics of table saws

The table saw is used to cut large pieces of wood and to cut other materials such as soft metals. It is important to choose the type of blade best adapted to the material to be worked. Other features are among the benefits of using this machine.

The blade of this saw is necessarily selected according to the material to be cut. Its height is adjusted to match the thickness of the part to be cut. Protective covers surround this blade with a diameter of between 190 mm and 315 mm, in order to optimize the safety of the user.

The power of the saw determines its ability to cut material. A tough material such as hardwood requires considerable power. In general, the machine is equipped with a single-phase or three-phase motor whose power ranges from 1000 to 3800 W or more.

The table, made of cast iron or aluminum, is generally one meter high for a length between 60 and 80 cm and a width ranging from 30 to 70 cm. To increase the useful area and improve the comfort of use, accessories such as the table extension are added.

The weight depends on the size, power, saw frame and table. It varies from one model to another.

The “miter cut” function exists when the position of the saw can be reversed for use on the table and not underneath. This makes it possible to do biased cuts between 0 and 90. In this case, the saw is equipped with an articulated arm allowing it to descend the workpiece while the table is equipped with a perfectly graduated turntable for extremely precise cut.

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Save water in your bathroom

plumberThe bathroom in your home is the room where you consume the most water. But several savings can be done to save water. Have water flow reducers installed on your washbasin taps. You will save several liters of water per minute.

Close the water while you soap your hands, while you shave or brush your teeth. This is once again an awesome water saving strategy in addition to saving energy to produce hot water. Opt to take a shower rather than a bath. This saves more than 100 liters of water in a few minutes.

If you do not already have one, have a thermostatic regulator installed instead of separate hot water and cold water jets. A local plumbing company like this one should be able to do this. In addition to being more comfortable and quicker to use, you save several liters of water.

You have two choices to save on flushing your toilet. Low-flow toilets are becoming more and more important. Some Canadian provinces tend to make them mandatory because of their low consumption. But you can do more. You can equip yourself with a two-flush toilet, one for solids and one for liquids. You save about 30% more water than a low flow toilet.

In your laundry room, you can wait to start your washer when it is full. Also, there are now effective models of clothes washer that offer water-saving mode.
Do not wash your laundry by hand, which results in a very large water expenditure.