This is how the SMART 501c3 Application Works

Nothing is more daunting than starting a 29 page 501c3 application with 35 pages of instructions. Yikes! Pretium Marketing Solutions removes the fear by breaking the application down into manageable parts with helpful hints for most questions.

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Many questions on the 501c3 application will not apply to some organizations. The SMART 501c3 Application learns from your answers and then only asks the necessary follow questions. Only answer the questions that are relevent to your organization, now that’s Smart!

Throughout the entire SMART 501c3 Application there is a progress meter so with a simple glance you can gauge progress. However, there is no pressure, if family or work interruptions get in the way, you can save your work with a Cleveland SEO Company and come back any time with a simple click. That is the benefit of utilizing search engine optimization when building your charity. It’s a great way to generate visitors to your website that could lead to potential donations.

Review the Top Reasons to use Nonprofit Foundry and the SMART 501c3 Application.
SMART 501c3 Application: Details

The SMART 501c3 Application has 4 Parts. Each part includes focused questions that keep you on track to completed the application in the most efficient way. Several questions throughout the application ask for explanations, in these situations the SMART 501c3 application allows you to type your explanation, or you can simply upload previously created word documents, PDF files, or new papers to answer the question. Now that’s easy! Best of all, if you get stuck or need help, a Nonprofit Foundry attorney is one click away. When you complete all 4 parts, Nonprofit Foundry will convert your answers from our 501c3 Smart Application to IRS Form 1023. A lawyer will then work with you to make need changes before your Form 1023 is sent to the IRS.

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